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For the perfect little things! For the perfect little things!
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Poppins Points

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Poppins Points are reward points that are given exclusively to our members as a ‘thank you’ from us for their purchases and loyalty.

Every product is allocated a number of Poppins Points, which varies depending on the value of the product. The exact value of Poppins Points awarded for each product can be found on every product page.

Once our members have enough Poppins Points available, they can then choose to exchange some or all of these shopping credits for a cash discount against their next purchases at checkout.

To benefit from Poppins Points and other membership benefits,
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  • Only Picked by Poppins members will receive shopping credits in accordance with the Picked by Poppins  Terms & Conditions  if they have logged into their account as part of the checkout process.
  • Purchases made by Guest Checkout will not receive Poppins Points.
  • In accordance with our Delivery & Returns policy, any purchased items that are returned to Picked by Poppins will have the corresponding number of Poppins Points deducted from a member’s account.

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