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For the perfect little things! For the perfect little things!
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Company Values

Picked by Poppins
is an internet-based retailer providing a range of
carefully-selected mum, baby and children’s products
from well-known and established brands.


baby online shop in hkThe Founder of Picked by Poppins is Madelaine Lambe who was born and raised in Hong Kong. A mother-to-be herself found that there was a real need in Hong Kong for a user friendly online store for customers needing mother, baby or children’s products from well-known and established brands.  Hence, Picked by Poppins was born!

Picked by Poppins is very dedicated to ‘giving back’ to both our loyal customers and society.  From our user-friendly online store, customers can enjoy 24/7 hassle-free shopping from the comfort of your sofa whilst also giving back to our community and the earth.

How we ‘give back’ to our loyal customers:
By  signing up  and becoming a member, Picked by Poppins customers can benefit not only from earning  Poppins Points  with each purchase (that can later be redeemed for cash discounts at checkout) but subscribing to our newsletters they can also receive exclusive member-only discount codes, be eligible for exclusive members-only  competitions  and be notified about the release of helpful  articles.

How we ‘give back’ to the community:
Each purchase contributes towards our corporate charity fund – the more we sell, the more we can donate to relevant locally-registered  charities.  We also endeavour to do our part to protect the planet for our future generations by sourcing environmentally-friendly packing materials that can be recycled.

Sign up  to take advantage of all the benefits offered in our membership programme and
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The perfect little things for your perfect little things, delivered directly to your door!


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