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At Picked by Poppins, we understand how important it is for parents to feel prepared, so we’ve asked real mums for their advice and recommendations on what they would suggest for various checklists to make sure new parents are ready for what’s to come.

These mummy-approved checklists cover a variety of topics, from pregnancy all the way through to going away on holiday.

We hope you find these helpful!


The stick showed positive, the doctor confirmed, the news is announced and your baby bump is growing! These nine months will be a memorable time for mums-to-be.

For most first-time mums it can be daunting to know what you need and what you don’t. Here are some pregnancy must haves to help make this time easy and enjoyable too. We encourage you to ask your other mummy friends what they found useful and what they didn’t but bear in mind this is a very personal experience so what was a life-saver for one mum-to-be might not be necessary at all for another.


Maternity clothes (casual & evening)

Maternity bras & crop tops

Sleeping bras


Pregnancy support belt

Sleep support pillow

Moisturising stretch mark cream or oil



Trousers expander

Pregnancy journal

Pregnancy book

Baby names book

Maternity swimwear

Splash the Cash:

Relaxing bath bubbles or oils

Relaxing scented candles

Prepare for Baby’s Arrival:

Pack for hospital (see our Hospital Bag checklist)

Pack your Nappy Bag (see our Nappy Bag Essentials checklist)

Get baby’s nursery ready (see our Nursery Room checklist)

Make your home a safe place for baby (see our Home Safety checklist)

Plan a baby shower

Arrange a baby gift registry

Nursery RoomE

Planning, styling and preparing your baby’s nursery is so much fun. Here is a checklist to make sure you cover the essentials for your baby’s room.

Try to have your nursery ready around week 34, so that if baby arrives earlier than expected then you are prepared.


Cot or bassinet


Mattress protector


Quilts or blankets

Baby sleeping bags or swaddles

Change table & mat with Nappy Changing essentials (see our Nappy Changing checklist)

Room thermometer

Baby monitor

Dresser with drawers


Baby pod

Wardrobe with hangers

Nappy stacker

Musical mobile


Splash the Cash:

Nursing chair

Toy box

Home SafetyE

Little ones are so precious that taking a few simple precautions at home could, quite literally, be a life-saver.

Think about your home environment (everyone’s home is different) and what needs to be done to make it safe for both adults and baby, particularly once it is mobile.

Below are some ideas that we hope you find helpful and that should give you some peace-of-mind that you have your home as safe as it can be.


First aid kit


Nasal aspirator

Non-slip bathmat

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors

Once baby is mobile:

Stair gate

Plug socket inserts

Corner cushions

Toilet locks

Fridge or oven lock

Cupboard locks

Oven guard

Door stoppers

Bed guard

Hospital BagE

Packing your hospital bag is not only exciting but essential when preparing for the arrival of your baby. By following this checklist you can be sure that you will have everything you need to make the first few days with your baby as comfortable as possible.

Before you start preparing your hospital bag, check your hospital package to see what’s included so you bring items that will be provided by the hospital.

Filled with excitement, nerves and anticipation, try to have your hospital bag packed around week 34, so that if little one arrives earlier than expected then you are prepared.

Remember that storage can be limited in hospital rooms, so large suitcases aren’t recommended. An overnight bag is a more suitable option.

For Mummy:

Comfortable clothes for labour

Comfortable clothes for nursing

Comfortable clothes to come home in

Personal toiletries for you and your partner (toothbrush & paste, hand cream, face wash etc.)

Casual, comfortable daywear

Sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers

Underwear (7 to 10 pairs, including cheap ones that you can throw away if needed)


Nursing bras (3 or 4)

Nursing pads

Nipple cream

Large packet of maternity or ‘super’ sanitary pads


Heat packs

Water bottle

Phone charger

Any forms and documentation filled out where possible

Money for car park or taxi home

List of numbers or contacts for your partner to contact to announce the birth

For Labour:

Birth plan


Favourite music

Favourite massage and aromatherapy oils (please seek advice about safe oils to use during pregnancy and labour)

Glucose sweets

Swimwear for your partner to wear in the shower

For Baby:

Nappy bag (see our Nappy Bag Essentials checklist)

Baby Capsule (0-6 months) or convertible car seat (approx. 0 – 4 years)

Small hat or beanie for use immediately after birth



6 warm outfits

6 singlets or baby grows

Large packet baby wipes

An outfit for going home

A wrap for going home

Nappy Bag EssentialsE

Everyone tells you to get a nappy bag but no-one tells you what to put it in it!

Here is the list of absolute bare essentials that our mummies recommended that you keep in your nappy bag at all times, so you’re prepared for most eventualities whilst out-and-about.

Nappy Bag

Nappies (with extras in case of emergencies)

Disposable or reusable changing pad

Baby wipes

Nappy rash cream

Small bottle of instant hand sanitiser


Cover up (if breastfeeding)

Plastic bags (carry a variety of sizes – for soiled nappies and clothes etc)

Soothers / dummies (if your baby uses one)

Portable soother sanitiser with sanitising tablets

First-aid kit (baby pain reliever and supplies for treating minor injuries)

Water bottle or sippy cup with baby water

Snack box with snacks

Washable or disposable bib

Your child’s favourite comfort item

Nappy ChangingE

There is a very quick learning curve with nappy changing – you’ll quickly move from using a thousand wipes per change to about three and go from a change that will take you 5 minutes, to one that can be done in 30 seconds flat with your eyes closed (best not to close your eyes when changing your baby, but you know what we mean).

For those early days when nappy changes are a new thing – here is a list of essentials to help you climb that learning curve quickly.

Changing mat

Nappy wipes

Cotton balls

Nappy cream

Talc-free powder


Nappy pins

Nappy liners

Nappy bin or disposal system & refills

Nursing, Weaning & FeedingE

Nursing and feeding (along with sleep) will dictate a lot of your day in the first year.

Help make these times at each stage of baby’s development more comfortable and convenient with our Picked by Poppins nursing, weaning and feeding checklist that covers not only babies but also mums. Here’s what our mummies found they needed.


Nursing bras

Nursing pads

Nursing top

Nipple cream

Nipple shields

Breast feeding cover

Breastfeeding support pillow


Breast pump

Breast milk storage bags

Bottles with teats

Bottle steriliser

Bottle brush

Bottle warmer

Bottle carrier

Soothers / dummies

Bottle Feeding:

Milk formula

Bottles with teats

Bottle steriliser

Bottle brush

Bottle warmer

Bottle carrier



Soothers / dummies

Weaning & Feeding (6 months and over):

High chair

High chair toys

Messy mat

Baby seat

Food processor


Cutlery set

Training cups

Portable feeding set & utensils for days out (see our Everyday Out & About checklist)

Soothing teethers

Wet wipes

Storage pots


Babies LOVE water which makes bathtime a hugely enjoyable experience for all!

This list also includes grooming and pampering items as well as the all-important safety ones.

Baby bath

Bath seat / support

Non-slip bath mat

Bath thermometer

Baby toiletries (shampoo / bubbles / lotion / talc-free powder)

Sponge & face cloth

Bath toys

Storage for bath toys

Baby towels

Baby nail scissors

Baby brush & comb

Baby gum massagers or baby toothbrush & toothpaste


In their first year, babies move through their developmental stages quickly and their playtime needs also change.

Here is a list that we have prepared to help workout what toys suit the different developmental stages to not only entertain your baby but stimulate them too.

Newborn to 6 months:

Pram toys

Bath toys

Baby activity gym

Play mat

Activity toys


Cot toys

Cuddly toys

Baby books

Bouncer / rocker

Baby swing

Storage for toys

6 to 9 months:



Infant jumper

Infant support seat


Everyday Out & AboutE

Between feeds, naps, tears, giggles and a last minute nappy change, getting out of the house in the first few weeks with your baby can take a bit of work and preparation so it’s best to give yourself a lot of lead time to make your trip out as stress free as possible.

Before heading out for the day, think about where you’re going, what the weather conditions are, what the weather forecast is and how long you’ll be out for to save any backtracking home so you can focus on enjoying your outing out with your baby.

The list of ‘Essentials’ below is designed for hot climates so you may need to consider other items (such as gloves) for your baby if you travel to colder climates and will be heading out.


Nappy bag (with all the essentials – see our Nappy Bag checklist)

Stroller or baby carrier

Stroller liner

Stroller toys

Stroller rain cover / UV cover

Blankets (for comfort, shade or warmth)


Sun hat


Mosquito repellent

Entertainment (toys, books etc.)

Travel seat (for restaurants)

Lightweight portable feeding set & utensils

In a Car:

Car seat

Car seat toys

Head support

Rearward facing mirror

Car window shade

‘Baby on Board’ sign

Holiday Travel EssentialsE

When you’re travelling away from home on holiday, there are some essentials that you’ll need to take with you. The list of ‘Essentials’ below is designed for hot climates so you may need to consider other items (such as gloves) for your baby if you travel to colder climates.

We’ve also included some travel and packing tips at the bottom, so make sure to check those out!


Passports & travel tickets for all travellers

Nappy bag (with all the essentials – see our Nappy Bag Essentials checklist)

Nappies (1 for each hour you’ll be in transit, plus extras in case of delays)

Blankets (bring a few as you will use them to lay your baby on, cover your baby, cover yourself if you’re nursing, protect your clothes from messy burps, shade your baby, and more)

A few of your baby’s favourite toys

Clothes, socks and booties or shoe (1 or 2 outfits per day is a good guideline)

Sun protection (sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen)

Swimming items (swim nappy or suit, hat, floatation items, waterproof bags for wet items)

Mosquito repellent

Portable fan

Breast pump (if you use one)

Formula milk and/or baby food if your baby is eating solid foods

Extra bottles with extra teats, and sippy cups if appropriate

Lightweight portable feeding set & utensils

Sterilising spray & microwave sterilising bags

Energy-boosting snacks for you to munch on

Baby toothbrush and toothpaste

Baby toiletries (baby wash, baby lotion etc)

Inflatable baby bathtub (to make bath time easier at your destination)

Bath thermometer



Baby carrier or sling

Portable cot or play yard

Collapsible stroller (can be gate-checked or stored in the overhead bin of an airplane)

Car seat (for safer travel by car or plane)

Camera, battery charger and an extra memory card

Phone number for your baby’s doctor (in case you have questions while you’re on the road)

Holiday Travel Tips:

Start preparing to pack a few days before you travel. Keep a running list of things to take, or put items out on a table or dresser as you think of them

Use a nappy bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap (see our Nappy Bag Essentials checklist)

Pack each of your baby’s outfits in its own zipped plastic bag so you don’t have to hunt around for tiny socks, shirts, and so on

Be prepared for leaky nappies and baby spit-up on the airplane: Tuck an extra outfit or two for your baby – and an extra shirt for you – into your carry-on bag

Prevent leaks by packing all liquids in resealable plastic bags

Nursery SchoolE

Your child shouldn’t need to take too much to nursery school because the school should supply quite a few things (such as pencils, first aid items etc) but be sure to check with them first before preparing your child’s school bag.

A tip from our mummies: put your child’s name on anything they take with them otherwise you may never see it again!


Water bottle

Snack box with snacks

Sun cream

Mosquito repellent


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